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Step 1: Register For The FREE 2-Hour Trading Course

  •  Why You Need a Niche and a Proven Process to be Successful In Trading 
  • The Biggest Threat to Your Trading Success  
  • The Simple Five-Step Process to Identify and Trade Highly Profitable Setups

Step 2: Gain Access to The 10-Hour Mini Course

  • If You Complete the 2 Hour Trading Course you Will Be Sent the 10 Hour-Mini Course
  • LearnThe MIC Daily Process
  • Modern_Rocks Favorite Strategy
  • Risk Mangement 
  • Mental Shift Between Losing Money and Finding Success

Step 3: Put Your Skills To The Test!

  • Create a FREE Demo Account Through the MIC Prefered Broker, Cobra Trading
  • Trade Stocks With Real Time Charting, Level 2 and More!
  • Practice the MIC Strategies With a Simulated Account Before You Use Your Hard Earned Capital
  • Learn the DAS Trading platform 
  • MIC Members Receive a 25% discount on Commissions With Cobra Trading 

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